Three Worlds

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1. Le Prêt art porter

First, itu’ designs various fashion items like pieces of clothing, shoes and bags from scratch. Then, they are each decorated with paint. The items are designed with delicacy, and painted with passion and soul.

The aim is not to make things that are simply cool or look great. The goal is to create a positive vessel of energy that will infuse your daily life with miracles.

2. Le voyage

A series that breathes new life into used vintage items.

This series consists of vintage luxury brand items (Louis Vuitton, Celine, Yves Saint Laurent etc.) in mint condition found at auctions or flea markets, which are used to create one-of-a-kind art pieces. Enjoy the look and atmosphere of the quality vintage items as they transcend time and are reincarnated with new energy. The series is called Le voyage to reflect itu’’s hope that they will become catalysts that will make your life – a grand voyage through time – even more beautiful.

3. L’art

itu’ also produces paintings, and works meticulously on each one. All of the energy that’s brewing inside itu’’s body is unleashed onto each canvas. Unlike clothes and shoes, these canvases are eternally still. As itu’ paints them, he imagines how the artwork he is creating will continue to dance on the canvas until the day the world end